D-Flat Music Academy x Siloam Technologies - Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Music Theory

Education is constantly evolving and we have always endeavoured to bring best practices and efficient ways of learning to our students. Over a year ago we looked at employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep-learning to improve the experience for our students, with a goal to make reduce theory lesson time in class, and make learning on-the-go efficient. We partnered with local start-up Siloam Technologies, and together designed a data-driven music theory app that harnesses artificial intelligence into its learning experience. In essence, it diagnoses a students’ competency levels as they answer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and pulls out more questions for weaker topics accordingly.

At the start of the September school holidays, we invited a small group of students to test the prototype! Here’s what happened.

Siloam 1.png

The event kicked off with a presentation from one of Siloam’s founders, introducing our app and how it works. Students began by completing a diagnostic test in-app which enabled the app to determine the student’s current competency level. Upon completion of the diagnostic test, students are prompted to start ‘gyms’, topic-based quizzes aimed at improving the competency of the student.

Siloam 2.png

The app shows its full capabilities by responding in real-time, presenting students with questions based on their competency level at that moment. The Israeli-developed in-app algorithm determines each student’s weaker topics and calls up questions from these topics more frequently to create a deeper impression of these topics. The platform also included explanations where questions were answered incorrectly.

After completing their respective ‘gym sessions’, students were presented with their ‘game’ statistics - such as the total number of questions answered correctly and the time take to complete the gym. The data was represented on a radar chart to show the stronger and weaker topics of each student. A new competency level will also be displayed to indicate progress. By relying on this data, students will be able to track their current competency and also inspire them to improve their ‘high scores’ in-app. Through continuous usage of the app, they will also be able to increase their understanding and competency in the previously weaker topics.

The data also allows D-Flat Music Academy’s Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Violin and Music Theory teachers to focus on students’ weaker topics, a handy tool for the time-crunch leading up to the ABRSM March Music Theory season!

Siloam 3.png

The event ended with a feedback session from our student testers. We gathered very valuable user-experience feedback, as well as our students preference from the look and feel of the app! We are working together with Siloam Technologies to produce an improved app before gradually introducing it to more students.

Do stay tuned with us for any updates!

Until then, Play on and Tinkle Away!!