4 Reasons Why D-Flat Music Academy is Malaysia’s leading Music School.


Are you looking for the perfect music academy for your child? Look no more. Here are a few reasons why D-Flat Music Academy is the perfect institution for your child’s music learning needs.

D-Flat Music Academy specialises in educating and nurturing long term musicians. Collectively, the academy possesses more than 100 years of experience teaching music. The school offers instruction for Piano, Guitar, Violin, Vocals and Musical Theatre. Over the years, our team is led by a panel of dedicated teachers that stays on top of the latest changes in music pedagogy.

Here are 4 reasons why D-Flat Music Academy is the one for you!

  1. Learning Space

Our professionally designed, spacious and conducive learning areas are the first to greet you as you arrive into the studio. As students enter their classrooms for lessons, they are immediately put at ease in a quiet and comfortable setting, ready to learn and make music. Our classrooms are designed to create the most conducive and engaging learning environment for our students. All of our classrooms are equipped with high-quality instruments recommended by major examinations boards in Malaysia. Our piano students learn on high quality, Japanese YAMAHA, KAWAI and CASIO pianos. 

2. Learn the Best, From the Best

As Sunway and Subang’s leading music school, all of our instructors possess a Bachelors or Masters of Music from Performing Arts Universities, or more than 20 years of teaching experience. Our instructors regularly resell and up skill through workshops and seminars, keeping abreast with current pedagogy and teaching methods. All of our instructors are also armed with a ton of performing experience ready to be instilled into the minds of upcoming musicians.


3. It’s Never Too Late - Adult Beginner Classes

Adults without any prior music experience are warmly welcomed within our walls. Many working adults and/or retirees who are interested to learn the piano, guitar or vocals, take their talent out for a spin at D-Flat Music Academy. Our syllabus teaches simple chords and rhythm, and equips mature students with the skills and musical bank to create their own piano arrangements for their favourite pop tunes. The learning experience gets even more fun when students collaborate to jam their favourite tunes with one another, making valuable memories along the way. Students who have completed the program can also opt to progress onto our Adult Intermediate Classes, which focuses on further expanding one’s musical vocabulary, and exploring in greater depth the topics previously featured in the beginner level.


4. Free Talks, Recitals and Masterclasses

One of DFMA’s core values is to build a musical community, and the Academy organises free talks on a range of topics to encourage participants to experience music. Our talks and workshops are not only suitable for parents who wish to support their child in their musical journey, but also those who are unfamiliar with the field of music. Follow our Facebook page here to receive updates on our seminars.

We believe that music education must always be performance-based, where practical experience is essential to elevate the learning. Recitals and masterclasses are critical to our students’ learning, as they strive to perform their very best in front of an audience. Our annual recital provides a platform for our students to evaluate themselves after a year of tutoring and also take part in collaborations among their peers and teachers. We will also be launching our own in-house masterclasses that aim to provide a safe environment for our students to exchange feedback on their practice.

Give us a call at 03-7498 1307 or email us at admin@dflat.com.my if you would like to find our more information. We certainly look forward to welcoming you into our lovely walls!

In the meantime, Play on and Tinkle Away!!