Valentine's Day Special - A Musical Gift

Love is in the air this 14th of February!

One of our students over at D-Flat Studios Singapore planned for Valentine’s Day well in advance this year. A few months ago, Dr. Thomas Anthony approached one of our teachers, Teacher Lydia with a mission in mind - to prepare a special song performance for his wife as a 50th birthday gift to her. With no prior experience whatsoever, Dr. Anthony started having regular lessons with Teacher Lydia in October 2018. After acquiring the basics, he went on to learn the song “You Are The Reason” by Calum Scott. In our video interview featured below, he explained that the song holds a special significance to him and his wife: in a pledge that he made 25 years ago when he proposed, he had promised to “climb every mountain, and swim every ocean” for her. When he heard the poignant lyrics of Scott’s hit single, it resonated deeply with him, and thus became his motivation for learning the piano.

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In the meantime, Play on and Tinkle Away!